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Beginning Saturday June 6th, there will be a LIMITED opening of Ely’s. Only 3-4 people will be allowed in the store at any one time. Masks will be REQUIRED TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES covering your mouth and nose. Families need to stick together. For your convenience, there is hand sanitizer available as you enter the store. Also, please practice social distancing(minimum six feet apart from others), and please be PATIENT!! There is only me helping customers at the moment. This is a very fluid situation, so things can and will change at my discretion.


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Aquariums and stands

UV Sterilizers

Aquariums come in all sizes and shapes to fit your needs, from the smallest 2.5-gallon tank all the way to 265-gallon aquariums. They come in many shapes, including rectangular, bow-front, flat-back hexagonal, regular hexagonal, and corner tanks.


Aquarium stands are offered in many materials and colors from wrought iron, solid color laminates, pine, and furniture grade wood (oak, cherry, black oak and maple).

The risk of algae is reduced and the health of your fish is supported through the removal of parasites through ultraviolet sterilization.


Find all sizes of UV bulbs and sterilizers to replace the UV bulb once a year as recommended.

Air pumps and power heads

This equipment is used to oxygenate the water to support the health of your fish, as well as produce appealing bubbles. Ornaments, air stones, and other attractive touches can be attached to the air supply for a unique touch to your aquarium.


Power heads are used to remove excess nutrients from the water while oxygenating. Look to us for your tubing, valves, and replacement parts.


Used to both mechanically and biologically clean water, filters remove ammonia and nitrates, as well as providing oxygen for the water.


This creates a habitable environment for the fish, and reduces the growth of algae through minimization of nutrients. These filters are designed to either hang on the tank or be stored inside the stand of the aquarium.


Look to us for replacement pads, filter media, and replacement parts.

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Aquarium heaters

Keeping your aquarium water at an appropriate temperature is essential for the survival and health of your tropical fish. Heaters are used to maintain an optimal temperature by automatically fluctuating the temperature to a pre-set level. Choose from pre-set submersible heaters and clip-on heaters.

Water additives

Water additives are used to create and maintain a hospitable and healthy environment for your fish. These additives are used for everything from establishing beneficial bacteria in your aquarium to removing chlorine and heavy metals, to adding a protective coating to the body of your fish.


You can find additives to adjust the pH of the water, and remove algae and slime. Let us help you choose the liquid or tablet fertilizers and additives that are right for your aquarium.

Water treatments

If your fish are ill, water treatments can help restore them to health. From fungus to parasites to bacterial infections, including the newest fish bandage treatment, you can find them all with us. We can assist you in determining which solution is best for your aquarium.


Live bait

• Variety of foods customized by each type of fish

• Flakes

• Pellets

• Freeze dried varieties

• Frozen varieties

• Live foods

• Black worms

• Tubifex worms

• Brine shrimp

• Sport fishing bait

• Night crawlers

• Baby night crawlers

• Red wigglers

• Super worms

• Shiners

• Minnows

Live plants

Artificial plants

• Variety of gravel sizes

• Variety of gravel types

• Variety of gravel colors

• Decorative rocks

• Driftwood

• Ornaments

• Underwater lights

• Remote control submarines

• Lifelike aquarium plants

• Many sizes from 6 inches to 24 inches

• Many styles and types

• Many colors

• Provide protection for your fish

• Create a realistic look for your aquarium

• Plastic or silk options


• Books about aquariums

• Nets for catching fish and removing debris

• Breeder traps to protect mothers and babies

• Dividers to separate combatants

• Syphon hoses to ease water changes

• Manual and automatic syphon hoses

• Scrapers to remove algae

• Multi-plug surge protectors prevent moisture from damaging equipment

• Timers to control aquarium lights

• Automatic feeders to preventing forgetting to feed your fish

• Bunch plants

• Potted plants

• Bulbs

• Provide protection for your fish

• Oxygenate the water

• Give something for your fish to nibble

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