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Beginning Saturday June 6th, there will be a LIMITED opening of Ely’s. Only 3-4 people will be allowed in the store at any one time. Masks will be REQUIRED TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES covering your mouth and nose. Families need to stick together. For your convenience, there is hand sanitizer available as you enter the store. Also, please practice social distancing(minimum six feet apart from others), and please be PATIENT!! There is only me helping customers at the moment. This is a very fluid situation, so things can and will change at my discretion.


Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe and healthy, Steve

Low-voltage pond lighting can increase your enjoyment of your pond at night and make it a 24-hour feature. Different colored lenses are available and lights can be either underwater or floating.


Pond fish to meet your visions


We carry all types of pond fish to meet your needs and fit your budget. Please stop in to see our wide variety of healthy fish! Options include Koi, Comets, Golden Orfe, Shubunkin, Tadpoles, Snails, Catfish, and more. You can also choose from hardy and tropical water lilies and many other varieties of pond plants to enhance your pond. Stop by for personalized assistance to choose the ideal items for your pond.

A pond liner will keep the water in your pond and prevent it from leaking out into the soil. Pond liners come in sheets that you can customize to your own unique needs, or as a rigid plastic, pre-fabricated pond. Liner patches are available to repair a rare instance of a leak.

UV sterilizers

An ultraviolet sterilizer will reduce the incidence of algae and add to the health of your fish by reducing parasites that can live in the water.


The UV light bulb should be replaced every two years. We carry all size UV light bulbs and sterilizers.


Just as with an aquarium, pond filters mechanically and biologically clean your water. This removes ammonia and nitrates from your pond water, and add beneficial oxygen to create a habitable environment for your fish. This also helps to prevent the growth of algae. You can place your filter under the water or outside of your pond. Loo to us for all replacement parts, filter media, and replacement pads you may need for your filter.

Feel free to visit us to explore our aquariums and let us help you choose the fish and supplies that are right for your needs.

Browse our current stock list to find the fish you want for your pond.

Pond heaters

A pond heater will keep an area free of ice so that your pond receives vital gas exchanges during the winter months.


This will help your fish to breath and allow carbon dioxide to escape from the water.  

Water additives

Water treatments

• Establish beneficial bacteria

• Remove chlorine and heavy metals

• Protect the fish with body coating

• Adjust pH

• Remove algae and slime

• Liquid and tablet fertilizers for lilies, marginal, and floating plants

• Encourage sick fish to return to health

• Treatments for fungus

• Treatments for parasites

• Treatments for bacterial infections

• Fish bandage treatments

Critter deterrents


• Nets

• Automatic water cannons

• Caves for fish to hide in

• Replicas of predators

There are several varieties of pond foods, customized by season. The spring and fall formula is easily digested for when your fish are less active, whereas the summer formula is high in protein for when the metabolism of your fish is much higher.

Fountains and spitters

Artificial plants

There are several types of fountains and spitter statues you can add to your pond to increase its beauty and melodic splashing.


Not only are fountains and spitters beautiful, they also help your fish by adding oxygen to the water.

For those who have a pond in full shade and want to give their fish some protection from predators, we have artificial plants that do not require any special care.

Pond lighting


• Nets to catch your fish and remove debris such as fall leaves

• Netting to place over the pond in the fall to prevent leaves from filling your pond

Give us a call to find out more