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Beginning Saturday June 6th, there will be a LIMITED opening of Ely’s. Only 3-4 people will be allowed in the store at any one time. Masks will be REQUIRED TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES covering your mouth and nose. Families need to stick together. For your convenience, there is hand sanitizer available as you enter the store. Also, please practice social distancing(minimum six feet apart from others), and please be PATIENT!! There is only me helping customers at the moment. This is a very fluid situation, so things can and will change at my discretion.


Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe and healthy, Steve

You may be surprised when you step inside the seemingly small exterior of our shop and find hundreds of gallons of aquariums housing thousands of varieties of tropical freshwater fish. You can trust our over 45 years of experience to properly care for our fish and ensure they are as healthy and robust as possible.

Explore our extensive aquariums

Find your live bearers

• Mollies

• Platys

• Swordtails

• Fancy guppies

Explore our tremendous variety of fish and animals

• Barbs

• Gouramis

• Tetras

• Danios

• Rainbow fish

• Sharks

• Loaches

• Corydoras catfish

• Algae eaters

• Knife fish

• Elephant nose

• Puffers

• Monodoculus

• Scats

• Datnoides

• Flounder

Choose your exotic beta

• Common betas

• Split tail betas

• Crown tail betas

• Blue betas

• Red betas

• Purple betas

• White betas

Visit our Current Stock page to see our available marine fish and fancy goldfish. If you want something special, let us know and we'll try to find it for you.

You can find everything

you need to care

for your aquarium 

with us.

• Gars

• Pike

• Gobies

• Arrowanas

• Eels

• Stingrays

• Goldy

• Gold nugget

• Peckoltia

• 400 different varieties of plecostomus

• Shrimp

• Crabs

• Lobsters

• Angel fish

• Cichlids

• Discus


Give us a call to find out more